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Typeface — DOT.

We wake up and check our screens for messages.  We stare at screens for work, communication, play and diversion throughout the day. At home, we watch a screen again for entertainment, or swipe to hook up, still via a screen. Sometimes we sit in front of a TV with a second screen on our lap. Then we go to sleep with our screen next to our bed. Given that we live 99.9% of our lives staring at a screen, surely there’s a way to create a typeface that reflect this shift.


Enter DOT. Stemming from the dizziness induced by staring at a screen for too long, and in order to monitor the passage of time, DOT (short for Digitally Optimized Typeface) is a speculative project about the future of screen consumption. The typeface is a part of my senior thesis project 'The Digitorium' at Parsons.

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