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Love In The Binary

Love is a phenomenon, love is a feeling, we’ve heard it all. Love may be most organic thing some of us will ever experience, but exactly how much has technology infiltrated the experience? We’ve broken it down to a science, technology is at the center of what we can only call modern love, and to shy away from that would be unfortunate. Experience the ultimate dating service, complete with a predictive timeline for every encounter. You’re already lovin’ the binary, now you can find love in it too.


Love In the Binary is a speculative project that exists in the now. Via a fleshed out experiential process, the service feels real, as it will be sooner than we think. I do believe our technological future will change the way we love and the way we interact with each other, and this project is just a microcosm of a potential society that is entirely digitally reliant, even for things as human as falling in love. Love In The Binary is a part of my senior thesis project 'The Digitorium' at Parsons.

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